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Our Hygiene And Maintenance Practices

The Crosstrek Store Experience At Our Basecamps

The Design

Our stores have been designed to make the entire rental experience smoother and interactive for our trekkers. You can walk into our stores and see all the gears on display. Each of our stores have a designated display area, trial area with a mirror, a merchandise section and a payment area. 

Our store design serves 3 purposes  :

-Cleanliness and Hygiene :

-Ease of access

-Fast checkout

Cleanliness and Hygiene

All the gears are kept in clean and hygienic designated areas. It ensures easy implementation of our maintenance protocols, and makes sure that none of the damaged/uncleaned product is mixed with the ready-to-use gear. It invo sense of trust and confidence that Indiahikes is known for.

Ease of access 

The design is such that at one glance, anyone can tell which gear is kept where. Each gear has a well labeled storage space down to the last detail like sizes. It has drastically cut down the time to find the right gear.

Fast checkout

We have shifted our payments to online mode for most of the slopes. Trekkers can just with a quick scan of our QR code from their mobiles can make the payments for rentals as well as merchandise. There is no need to */right word/* through the wallet looking for change.

Why we want everyone to rent

1) You spend 1/10th of the buying cost by renting

There is a stunning difference in cost when you compare buying vs renting trekking gear. It is usually 1/10th the cost of buying. That’s a huge difference. And it makes more sense too because you don’t use trekking gear regularly

2) Renting significantly reduces the impact on the environment

Renting is because it is sustainable. To put things in perspective, take one pair of trekking shoes. If you buy it only you use it. That means all the resources that went into manufacturing that one pair of shoes in the end made a difference only to one trekker.  Shift this scenario to renting. The same pair of trekking shoes — which would otherwise be lying idle for months at home — are used by a minimum of 10 trekkers. When you scale it up the numbers are dramatic: Every month, around 300 trekkers rent trekking shoes from Indiahikes. They do so using just 30 pairs of shoes, instead of 300. 

3) You don't need to worry about equipment maintenance

When trekking gear is not used for a long time, they crumble and become brittle.  All of these happen within a matter of 5-6 months with average quality gear. Higher quality gear last longer, say 1-2 years, but they too wear off with the passage of time.  The cost of maintaining your trekking gear, tending to their wear and tear on an yearly basis can go up to 20% of the cost of the gear. But if you are renting. This cost is nil. You don’t have to worry at all about maintenance because you are not holding on to the equipment. 

4) The quality of your gear does not get affected by your budget 

Renting allows you to access good quality equipment at a low cost. When you rent you are not renting low quality equipment. Usually these are the same brands that you would have bought if you were buying equipment. For example, shoes from Decathlon, backpacks from Adventure Worx, trek poles from Crosstrek. These are the best that money can buy. 


High quality customised gears and merchandise