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How Your Rental Gear Is Maintained

Early in 2019, Indiahikes started renting trekking gear. We started this to bring down the cost of trekking. We wanted trekkers to have a good experience with high-quality gear, without burning a hole in their pockets.

But we notice that there’s a certain stigma attached to renting any gear. Trekkers have a lot of questions about trekking gear.

Is it hygienic? 

Has it been cleaned after the last trekker used it? 

Is it still good enough for a Himalayan trek after it has been used so many times? 

We have put this post together to share with you the process we follow to keep our trekking shoes clean.

Why Rent Gear?

Impact on the environment

By opting to rent trekking gear, you are reducing manufacturing. This, in turn, reduces consumption. By renting, you are having a direct impact on the environment. Production of any of the trekking gear is not an easy process.

These are technical gear. All of them require quite a lot of industrial process and very specific raw materials. These processes consume a lot of natural resources and also produce a lot of harmful by-products.

No matter how many steps are taken to curb pollution due to production, it still is affecting nature at large. We strongly believe, renting these technical gear is a simple way to avoid all the harmful impact on nature and be sustainable.

We recently conducted a survey with our trekkers to find out how much they spend for a trek.

The results were quite shocking. For a two-day trek, trekkers were spending close to Rs. 15,000 just on gear. We felt this is a ridiculously high amount to pay for a trek.

Trekking is a sport done on two legs. You should not be spending a lot of money to enjoy a simple sport like this. The gear you need for a trek does not come cheap.

If you are looking to buy even your very basic gear like Trek shoes, padded jackets, they are quite expensive. They do burn a hole in your pocket. By renting, you are reducing the cost of your trek substantially.

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