Rental Trek Pole

20.00/Per day

Trekking poles help you conserve around 40% of your energy, and improve your balance and stability on a trek. They can help avoid bad knee pains or ligament pulls after your trek, as they take away an enormous amount of pressure off of your legs.

Our trek poles have been researched and perfected over several years. They’re light-weight, weighing hardly 260 g, made of the strongest aluminium, and come with a clip-locking mechanism, which is easy to use. This helps you divide the three sections of the pole into equal parts, giving you good support & stability while walking.

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Points to Note

  • The rental cost mentioned is for the full duration of the trek.
  • An extra deposit amount of Rs.500(in cash) is charged at the base camp.
  • The gear should be collected at the base camp.


    • Long strap that comes around your wrist for extra control
    • Padded handle head for absorbing sweat
    • Firm grip
    • Body made of the strongest grade of aluminium
    • Lightweight – 260 grams
    • Clip locking mechanism for easy use
    • Snow basket to trek in snow
    • Rubber cover for good grip on rocky terrain
    • Tungsten steel tip for good traction on snow and ice
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At Indiahikes we have used both Aluminium and Alloys of aluminium like Duralium.  In the earlier days,  the trek poles were manufactured using pure Aluminium. As the industry evolved and the advantages of alloys over the pure form of metal are understood, the industries switched to using Aluminium alloys. Duralium is the trade name and these alloys are strong, light and has a high fatigue point and it is pretty easy to work with. When it comes to the locking mechanism, There are basically two kinds of locking mechanisms.  Internal locking and External locking mechanism. What you see above in the picture is an external locking mechanism. At Indiahikes, we have tried both the types of the locking mechanism and found that the External locking mechanism is much more effective in comparison with the internal types.  Even though the Internal locking mechanism is the strongest mechanism available, due to harsh cold conditions, the locking becomes ineffective. It's impossible to grip them with gloves on, this is a problem when it's cold and without proper maintenance, the locks get jammed, which is difficult to rectify, The external mechanism is easy to operate, the locking mechanism is better in comparison with the internal kind, and the load withstanding capacity is good. Our test opinion Lot of trekkers have used the Crosstrek trek pole since 2018. We have had sold reviews from many of the trekkers. We have also learnt a few things about this trek pole. Here are our learnings: 1. The external clip mechanism needs to stay dry. The screw that is used here has the tendency to rust if prolonged in wet conditions for a longer period of time. So make sure you clean the trek pole off the debris and the mud/snow right after the trek is done. This helps extend the life of the Trekpole. 2. In cold weather, the clips and the screws on the trekpole might be hard to operate. Always use gloves while handling the screw. We recommend you to fix the trekpole to your desired length before the start of the trek at the basecamp. That way it is easily manageable on the trek. 3. The extendability of the trekpole has to be done carefully. The bottom-most extendable part is thinner than the rest. Always ensure the trekpole is well balanced. This is quite important while you are trekking.