Trek Pole – Cross Trek 56


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At Indiahikes we have used both Aluminium and Alloys of aluminium like Duralium. 

In the earlier days,  the trek poles were manufactured using pure Aluminium. As the industry evolved and the advantages of alloys over the pure form of metal are understood, the industries switched to using Aluminium alloys. Duralium is the trade name and these alloys are strong, light and has a high fatigue point and it is pretty easy to work with. When it comes to the locking mechanism, There are basically two kinds of locking mechanisms.  Internal locking and External locking mechanism. The CrossTrek Trekpole 56 has an external locking mechanism. At Indiahikes, we have tried both the types of the locking mechanism and found that the External locking mechanism is much more effective in comparison with the internal types.  Even though the Internal locking mechanism is the strongest mechanism available, due to harsh cold conditions, the locking becomes ineffective. It's impossible to grip them with gloves on, this is a problem when it's cold and without proper maintenance, the locks get jammed, which is difficult to rectify, The external mechanism is easy to operate, the locking mechanism is better in comparison with the internal kind, and the load withstanding capacity is good.   Features
  • Long strap for extra grip
  • Padded Handle head for absorbing sweat
  • Firm grip
  • Body made of Strongest grade of aluminium
  • Matte Black in color
  • Lightweight - 260 grams
  • Locking mechanism to reduce wear & tear
  • Snow basket cover to trek in snow
  • Tungsten steel tip