Rental: Tiffin Box

10.00/Per day

At Indiahikes we carry our own cutlery on the trek. This is a big part of our culture and we strongly believe that this is in the right spirit of trekking.

We specifically choose a box that is made of Stainless steel. We have observed that it is easy to wash. Any other material will retain oil even after washing. Stainless steel helps keep things clean.

P.S. – We use our own cutlery even when we are back in the cities. It helps reduce a lot of single-use paper/plastic cutlery which eventually end up in a landfill.


  • Separate compartment for Subzi
  • Clip system for better locking
  • Easy to wash Stainless steel

Points to Note

  • The rental cost mentioned is for the full duration of the trek.
  • An extra deposit amount of Rs.100 (in cash) is charged at the base camp.
  • The gear should be collected at the base camp
  • Spoons and mugs are not provided along with tiffin boxes.
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