CrossTrek Rain Jacket

20.00/Per day


Rain Jacket is an important trek gear in your backpack. This is one of those items that you keep handy at the top of your backpack. You will need this when it is raining or snowing on the trek. And this can happen without prior notice on any high altitude trek.

This Rain Jacket is what you find in the Decathlon stores. We found this to be a good product to weather the rain and snow on the trek. This is more like a pullover which keeps your shirt and other gear dry even during heavy rain.
We found this more effective than a poncho where the sides are open and there are high chances of you getting wet.

NOTE: Always buy a size bigger than your regular size. This is because you will be wearing this on top of your padded jacket or other layers.
If you do not have a rain cover for your backpack, buy two sizes bigger. That way, you can use this to cover your backpack as well.


  • Waterproof
  • Covers the rucksack (two sizes bigger rain jacket)
  • Adjustable hoodie
  • Easy to pack and takes less space
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