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50.00/Per day

padded jacket is quite an important clothing when it comes to trekking. It forms an essential layer to keep you warm on any Himalayan trek, especially on winter or high-altitude treks where temperatures fall below freezing.

This particular padded jacket is a 150 GSM jacket, filled with polyfill. Polyfill means that it is filled with small balls of the hollow fibre, like a bean bag. This ensures the insulation is much better than the normal padded jacket. This jacket is an Indiahikes custom design. You will find baffles in the jacket to give you that extra warmth on a cold day on the trek.

Use this jacket as the topmost layer. You need another two layers inside this to weather the winter cold. In case it is raining, use a raincoat on this jacket. This jacket is not waterproof. It is just water-resistant.

Scroll down to read the complete history of the jacket at Indiahikes. 

Points to Note

  • Choose one size larger than your normal size since it’s the last layer of clothing, worn above the other layers.
  • The rental cost mentioned is for the full duration of the trek.
  • An extra deposit amount of Rs.1000(in cash) is charged at the base-camp.
  • The gear should be collected at the base-camp.


  • Warm padded down-jacket
  • Standard fit
  • Stowable hand pockets
  • Water repellent material


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Spacious Good for use over 3-4 warm layers
Warm Keeps you warm in the coldest of winters
Storage Multiple pockets to keep essentials handy
Lightweight Special polyfill material to make it lightweight

How do we make sure you get clean and hygienic rental products?



A thorough check for any damages to the product



If there is any damage to the gear, it is sent for repair



After repair, we clean it to remove all dirt, stains and odor.



If required, gear is either sun dried or air dried.


1)Perfect as an outer layer to keep you warm for temperatures ranging from 5 degrees Celsius to -15 if paired properly.

2)Lightweight (900 grams)  and compact because of the filling material used. We spent months researching for a filling that strikes the perfect balance between warmth and weight.

3)It has multiple pockets outside and inside to keep your essentials like phone, sunglasses, snacks and medicines handy

4)Smart look and design to give you perfect photos on your treks. (Nobody else has these)

Why do you need a padded jacket on a trek?

A padded jacket is worn as the outermost layer, especially after reaching the campsite after the sun comes down.

Here’s where a padded jacket comes in:

1) It is designed to trap your body heat between its layers and keep your core warm in the extreme temperatures. 

2) It cannot be replaced by sweaters or bulky jackets because of the huge volume/weight trade off. To provide the same amount of warmth a padded/down jacket can provide, you would have to wear 2-3 sweaters, which is not feasible on a Himalayan trek, where you’re trekking as minimally as possible. 

3) Because of the nature of the filling of the padded jackets, they are inherently light, compact and warm.


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