40.00/Per day

padded jacket is quite an important clothing when it comes to trekking. It forms an essential layer to keep you warm on any Himalayan trek, especially on winter or high-altitude treks where temperatures fall below freezing.

This particular padded jacket is a 150 GSM jacket, filled with polyfill. Polyfill means that it is filled with small balls of the hollow fibre, like a bean bag. This ensures the insulation is much better than the normal padded jacket. This jacket is an Indiahikes custom design. You will find baffles in the jacket to give you that extra warmth on a cold day on the trek.

Use this jacket as the topmost layer. You need another two layers inside this to weather the winter cold. In case it is raining, use a raincoat on this jacket. This jacket is not waterproof. It is just water-resistant.

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Points to Note

  • Choose one size larger than your normal size since it’s the last layer of clothing, worn above the other layers.
  • The rental cost mentioned is for the full duration of the trek.
  • An extra deposit amount of Rs.1000(in cash) is charged at the base-camp.
  • The gear should be collected at the base-camp.


  • Warm padded down-jacket
  • Standard fit
  • Stowable hand pockets
  • Water repellent material


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Know a bit about your jacket

One feels warmth in a winter jacket is mainly due to the filling material inside a jacket. During earlier days jackets were made using Down as filling. Down is one of the best insulators of clothing, being lighter and trapping more heat than other materials. Down keeps wearers warm and dry and allows for enough airflow to prevent overheating.  Most people visualize Down as duck or goose feathers, but Down filling actually comes from the soft fluffy undercoat of a bird located beneath tougher exterior feathers. Down is always defined as material from the undercoat of any waterfowl. Due to present-day demands and cost-effectiveness of the product, down is not feasible. So the industry has come with alternate material called Hollow fibre. Hollow fibre is a synthetic non-woven material currently widely used in making winter gears. The advantage of hollow fibre as a filler is that it is cheaper and has a long service life.it dries quickly. Another feature on winter jacket which retains heat is the baffles, Baffles are the pockets of space that are created between two layers of fabric which then hold filler material in the jacket. These chambers are filled with filler material and keep one warm.

Jacket's journey through Indiahikes

At Indiahikes we started to have our own jackets in 2017. In our jackets, we use hollow-fill material and our jacket design has baffles. The jackets are filled with 150gsm of filler material. If we look at the construction of our jackets layers of hollow fill material are placed between the outer material and inner liner and stitched together. Then baffles are stitched. Due to lesser gsm of the material, the jackets were not good enough for extreme cold during the peak winter season. So in order to make them better, we have replaced the inner filler material with a new kind. This material is called as polyfill. This appears like small fibre pellets. Some of the features of the polyfill material are Anti-Pilling, Abrasion-Resistant, Flame-Retardant, Anti-Static, Heat-Resistant. If we look at the construction of the jackets, the baffles are made and they are filled with this polyfill filler material. Due to the nature of the material more air is trapped between the baffles and in between polyfill material. As air is a natural insulator, this makes one feel more warmth.