Rental Policies

  1. In case of any breakage or tear of a rental item that is not repairable at all, then the entire deposit amount is kept and nothing is returned to the trekker. 
  2. If there is damage to the rental item which can be repaired, then 75% of the deposit amount is returned back to you. The Store Manager is the final responsible to take this call. 
  3. In case the rental item is lost, the entire amount of the product has to be paid for by the trekker. 
  4. Before the rental item is given, the condition of the equipment is noted down and ensure that you put your signature on it.
    For eg – If the shoe has a thread coming out from the stitch but is completely functional, mention this to the store manager to note down before you take the equipment.
  5. In case you have not rented online and you are ordering rental equipment here at the store, ensure that you pay the total amount digitally. You can use Google Pay or Pay ™. We have both modes of payment.
  6. All our rental equipment have an RFID tag in them. Please ask the store manager to show you where the tag is located. So that you can be careful not to damage it while on the trek.

How Your Rental Gear Is Maintained

A common question asked to us is, how do we keep your students safe in the Himalayan Mountain Challenge program. To answer this we need to give you a bit of a background. Indiahikes is India’s largest and safest trekking organization.

More than 20,000 trekkers trek with us every year. They do so not because we are the largest but because of our legacy. Indiahikes has defined the safety norms for trekking in our country. We have brought in most of the safety systems, protocols and equipment that are now considered the standard requirement for safe trekking.

As a testimony, since 2012 we have had more than 4,000 students from the top IIMs of our country with us on the Himalayan Mountain Challenge Program. The mechanism of safety that we follow is very important for you to know.

For this we need to take you through the 3 pillars that uphold safety on all our treks — it stands on (1) The people who run the program (2) our safety processes (3) and our high end safety equipment.

Rental FAQs

  • Rental will be given at home or at basecamp?

    Your rental gear will be given to you at the base camp on the day you arrive.

    In case you have rented a trekking backpack, there will be a cloakroom facility to keep your extra luggage and just carry what is needed for the trek.

    We want you to travel as light as possible from your home. You can collect the rental gear at the basecamp, do the trek and drop the gear back at our basecamp. We will put it through our cleaning process and get it ready for the next batch.

  • Do I have to pay a deposit amount for the rented gear?

    Yes. You will have to pay a deposit amount at the base camp. This amount is to be paid to our store manager.

    The deposit amount has to be paid for each item you are renting. The price differs from product to product. Here is a list of the deposit amounts for each item.

    Deposit AmountPrice
    Trek Pole500

    The deposit amount has to be paid in cash. So make sure you carry the right amount. Getting change at such remote locations gets difficult.

  • Are these rental shoes broken in? I don’t want to get shoe bites?

    All our rental shoes are already broken in. There are very fewer chances of having a shoe bite.

    In case we have bought a fresh lot of shoe, you might be the lucky one to get a new pair. However, the quality of the shoes is really good. They are designed to avoid shoe bites.

    You do not worry about getting a shoe bite.