Crosstrek Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellation of rental gear before the bookings close ( 24 hours before the trek start day) — Get a coupon of the full amount without expiry date that you can use at checkout or a monetary refund back on your payment method after  4% transaction charges deducted.
  • Cancellation of rentals after the bookings close— Get a coupon of the full amount without expiry date that you can use at checkout. No monetary refund.
  • If you are not able to complete the trek because of medical reasons-back halfway from the trek because of the medical issue— Get a coupon of the amount for the remaining days of trek without expiry date that you can use at checkout. No monetary refund.
  • If the returned gear is damaged — The security deposit will not be returned to you. The extent of damage will be decided by the Slope Manager only.
  • If the trekker loses any of the rental gear — The Security Deposit will not be returned. An additional fine equivalent to the cost of the rental gear will be collected, in case the cost is higher than the Security Deposit collected.
  • Offline rental gear is available only after all online bookings are given to trekkers with pre-orders at the basecamp.

Rental FAQs

  • Rental will be given at home or at basecamp?

    Your rental gear will be given to you at the base camp on the day you arrive.

    In case you have rented a trekking backpack, there will be a cloakroom facility to keep your extra luggage and just carry what is needed for the trek.

    We want you to travel as light as possible from your home. You can collect the rental gear at the basecamp, do the trek and drop the gear back at our basecamp. We will put it through our cleaning process and get it ready for the next batch.

  • Do I have to pay a deposit amount for the rented gear?

    Yes. You will have to pay a deposit amount at the base camp. This amount is to be paid to our store manager.

    The deposit amount has to be paid for each item you are renting. The price differs from product to product. Here is a list of the deposit amounts for each item.

    Rental Cost Range(Rs) Deposit(Rs)
    Upto 500 1000
    500-1000 2000
    1000-2000 3000
    Above 2000 4000

    The deposit amount has to be paid in cash. So make sure you carry the right amount. Getting change at such remote locations gets difficult.

  • Are these rental shoes broken in? I don’t want to get shoe bites?

    All our rental shoes are already broken in. There are very fewer chances of having a shoe bite.

    In case we have bought a fresh lot of shoe, you might be the lucky one to get a new pair. However, the quality of the shoes is really good. They are designed to avoid shoe bites.

    You do not worry about getting a shoe bite.

  • Can I change the size of the trekking gear I ordered?

    To change the size of the ordered gear, you will have to cancel your order and re-book it. You will get a full refund of the amount you have paid.

  • Can I cancel a single item in a bulk order?

    Yes, you can cancel a single item from a bulk order. For example, if you have ordered Shoes, a jacket, a pole and a poncho and you want to cancel the poncho alone, you can do it from your dashboard.