• When do the rentals open ?

    Rentals open on 1st of every month for the following month. Example- On 1st January, we open rentals for entire duration of February.

  • Can I change the shoes/jacket size at the basecamp ?

  • Shoe/jacket size would not be changed at the basecamp. Make sure you are booking the right size.  No refund will be give in case of size mismatch
  • Rental will be given at home or at basecamp?

    Your rental gear will be given to you at the basecamp on the day you arrive.

  • Do I have to pay a deposit amount for the rented gear?

    Yes. You will have to pay a deposit amount at the basecamp. This amount is to be paid to our store incharge.

    The deposit amount depends upon the total rental cost of your gears.

    Rental Cost Range(Rs) Deposit(Rs)
    Upto 500 1000
    500-1000 2000
    1000-2000 3000
    Above 2000 4000

    The deposit amount has to be paid in cash. So make sure you carry the right amount. Getting change at such remote locations gets difficult.

Rental cost range is per trekker only.

  • Can I change the size of the trekking gear I booked online?

To change the size of the ordered gear, you will have to cancel your order and re-book it.

  • Can I cancel a single item in a bulk order?

Yes, you can cancel a single item from a bulk order. For example, if you have ordered Shoes, a jacket, a pole and a            poncho and you want to cancel the poncho alone, you can do it from your dashboard.